Here we are just two days away from my favorite Boston holiday -- Marathon Monday. And here I am just about two weeks away from reaching my own finish line.

I'm approaching my 38th week of pregnancy. I'm also feeling a bit like a planet, or what I'd imagine a planet might feel like. It's been an unreal change for me, going from a world of road racing and running gear to one of constant swelling and onesies.

Running went out the window for me this winter when I had a few "complications." Everything is fine now. But being put on bed rest, only to be cleared and told not to do any strenuous exercise was more than frustrating. My running regiment has been downgraded to walking, yoga poses and stretching. I can't wait to hit the pavement again.

First, I have to finish the marathon I'm running, then start a new one. Pregnancy has been one of the most wonderful times of my life, and my greatest challenge at the same time. I've had some of my sickest and most uncomfortable days in the past 8+ months, and some of my most amazing and intimate discoveries. This little girl growing inside of me strikes awe in me every day. I can't wait to meet her. I'd go through the pain and discomfort all over again any day for her.

My next great marathon will be parenthood. I have no doubt pregnancy is not much more than a 5-minute warm up compared to what's to come, but I could not be more excited. And anxious. And nervous. And thrilled! My husband and I are entering a whole new world, and we're about as ready as we'll ever be!

As for running, the roads are still there for me. I'll be back on them in no time... this time with my little girl. Think she'll be a runner like her mom? ;)