Thanks for stopping by! I'm a Boston-based runner, writing to keep my mind as occupied as my body! I run road races from 5K up to full marathon. I love discovering running routes, runner's techniques, energy-boosting recipes and ways to push through a hard workout. If you have a suggestion, please leave a comment  or email me!

I've been running for over 20 years, though I've only become more dedicated to the sport recently. I run because I find it relaxing and rewarding - and I selfishly love how I feel after going for a good long run. I'm not as fast as I was in high school, when I was a 6 minute miler, but I'm working on it!

Personal Records:
* 3:51:25 marathon (NYC 2009)
* 1:43:12 half marathon (B.A.A. 2009)
* 30:18 4.2 miler (2005)
* 28:29 4 miler (2009)
* 23:11 5K (2009)

I'm also studying to become a personal trainer with American College of Sports Medicine, and I'll be a certified running coach this spring. I hope some of the information in my blog inspires adults and kids of all ages to get outside, have a lot of fun and run!

Boston Road Runner