This past Sunday I ran my third 5K in one week's time. I feel like I reached some sort of milestone... even though I collectively run the distance of all three races quite often. At least I did about a month or so ago.

> My first goal was to beat my old pace (7:14) at least once.

Goal achieved in last week's Heartbreak Hill 5K (7:04 pace).

> My second goal was to support a cause that's dear to me. I lost a loved one to ALS.

Goal achieved in the Sharon Timlin 5K to Cure ALS. Secondarily, I finished this race faster (7:08 pace) than my old PR, though not my new PR. That's ok! I still consider this as another point toward goal #1.

> My third and final goal was to just enjoy my running again.

Goal accomplished by 5K #3. The Brookline Flag Day 5K was a no pressure, fun, family time event. Small field, but I instantly picked out the fast folks. Sure enough, the chick I thought would be fastest kicked my rear, though I would have given her a run for her money had I PRed. I ran this one slower (7:25 pace) than the other two races, but I'm so happy with that time. My legs were jello from Saturday's race and it was steamy hot on Sunday morning at 10:30. Didn't matter. It was so much fun. Watching the kids' race prior to mine was almost as fun as running down Harvard St. in my home town.

I loved my mini goal to run three 5Ks in a week. It was a great time, extremely fulfilling and just what I needed to start a steamy running season. It really did make me want to run more again.

Now to attempt to get up my mileage without blowing my hip apart. Good times!