Today's Workout: Throw In Summit - 4.4 miles - 9:30 pace
Notes: Bruised foot hurting more this week than last week

Summit Avenue presents one of the most challenging inclines you will find anywhere in the Boston area. Heartbreak Hill doesn't even compare. Ascending to the highest point in Brookline, Mass., where you can view beautiful city views from Corey Hill, it's elevation is equivalent to 246 stairs. Once you try running it, you'll wish you were on a leisurely sightseeing stroll.

I run Summit Ave at least once a week. Here are some of my workouts.
Summit Avenue Corey Hill Running Workouts

* Hill Repeats
Up one side, down the other, repeat 3+ times
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* Summit Loops
Up one side, loop around the top, down the other side, repeat 6+ times
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* Side Summits
Run up the gradual slope that wraps from Beacon Street along the southwest side of Summit, reach the peak, then down the steep slope. Repeat 3+ times.
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* Throw In a Summit (Today's Run)
Add to the beginning and end of any longer run.
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If you ever run Summit, please send me your workout ideas. I'm always looking for new ones. If you're new to it, good luck! Just keep running, no matter how slow, all the way to the top.