It's been about five months since I last posted. I'm not sure anyone is even reading this, but I figured it was high time for an update. I haven't written because, well, I was waiting for the best time to break some big news. Before I do, I have to say that this little break from serious running has been a good one for me.

My 21+ years of consistent running took a turn for the best and the worst this past year. I had some of my best race times and most disappointing race times in my life. I also had my worst injuries ever and I stopped enjoying my running. I went into a serious funk. I was pressuring myself to perform well even in my recovery runs, largely because I had started sharing my training times with the Daily Mile community -- an awesome group of people who are super encouraging. Please don't get me wrong if you're a DMer reading this! I love the support of the DMers. I've just learned that I don't do well running with other people (I thrive on the solitude) and I tend to get all caught up in my times when I know other people are looking at them -- which lead to my injuries. In any case, It's been an enlightening few months.

So here's a quick recap of what I've been up to:

June: 5K mania! This was the last time I posted.

July: Best vacation of my life with my husband. I also began a one-month period of very little running and lots of walking/hiking to recover from my hip injuries, the result of pushing myself a little too much too often. My limp was finally gone by August.

August: Started running again to train for an October half and full marathon. The goal was just to complete the runs, not race for time. Figured I'd get back into running hard when I had more time to recover and prepare.

September: Found out that I'M PREGNANT! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

October: Holy morning sickness. I don't know why they call it that because mine lasted 24x7. My doctor said I could keep running, but I had to keep my heart rate down. Unfortunately, I was only able to run to the nearest bush to dry heave about every half mile. I skipped the half marathon. Then I skipped the full marathon. There's no way I could have or SHOULD have attempted either. Not worth risking my health or the little one's.

November: Finally feeling better. I'm walking a ton and running occasionally. I only run a couple of miles at a time when I'm feeling up to it, but it's great to get out there and get in a run. Especially in this weather! The colder the better! :)

Up Next: Spain for Thanksgiving! It may be our last European vacation for a while, so we're taking full advantage of our alone time.

If anyone out there finds this, I hope you're well and have a very happy Thanksgiving! I'll start sharing my updates more frequently now that the news is out!