I'm always finding races I want to run. So I'm starting a list..

Dipsea (CA) - Did anyone see the story about this race in the May Runner's World? I have to run this race, even more so because Dipsea is so hard to get into. I may fly to California just to mail in my registration the day it opens.

London Marathon (UK) - It finishes at Buckingham Palace! Plus I'd get to visit London.

Mount Washington Road Race (NH) - 7.6 miles up 6,288 feet. Last 50 yards is a 22% incline. I love a challenge though I'm sure I'd be cursing myself during the race. Only way in is lottery. No luck this year, but I'll keep trying.

Eugene Marathon (OR) - I was inspired by Steve Prefontaine long before I even cared that much about running. He made me want to run. Now I want to run the marathon that finishes on his track at Hayward Field. I almost chose to run this marathon on May 2, 2010, but opted to stay local and run Providence. Next year... who knows!

Hood to Coast (OR) - This relay race takes place in my mom's neck of the woods. I want to run it with her. Just have to get her to run more than 20 feet!

Athens Marathon (Greece) - How awesome to run the original marathon route and finish in the birthplace of the Olympics?

Safaricom Marathon (Kenya) - My husband will see this and think I'm nuts, but this list doesn't have to be entirely sane. This marathon takes runners through a game reserve in Kenya. I don't think I'd have a shot of winning any age group prizes, but to run amongst the Kenyans in their own country... awesome.(test)