This past Sunday I ran my third 5K in one week's time. I feel like I reached some sort of milestone... even though I collectively run the distance of all three races quite often. At least I did about a month or so ago.

> My first goal was to beat my old pace (7:14) at least once.

Goal achieved in last week's Heartbreak Hill 5K (7:04 pace).

> My second goal was to support a cause that's dear to me. I lost a loved one to ALS.

Goal achieved in the Sharon Timlin 5K to Cure ALS. Secondarily, I finished this race faster (7:08 pace) than my old PR, though not my new PR. That's ok! I still consider this as another point toward goal #1.

> My third and final goal was to just enjoy my running again.

Goal accomplished by 5K #3. The Brookline Flag Day 5K was a no pressure, fun, family time event. Small field, but I instantly picked out the fast folks. Sure enough, the chick I thought would be fastest kicked my rear, though I would have given her a run for her money had I PRed. I ran this one slower (7:25 pace) than the other two races, but I'm so happy with that time. My legs were jello from Saturday's race and it was steamy hot on Sunday morning at 10:30. Didn't matter. It was so much fun. Watching the kids' race prior to mine was almost as fun as running down Harvard St. in my home town.

I loved my mini goal to run three 5Ks in a week. It was a great time, extremely fulfilling and just what I needed to start a steamy running season. It really did make me want to run more again.

Now to attempt to get up my mileage without blowing my hip apart. Good times!
Today's Run: Is the last run of the decade! It will be taking place in the snowy weather of Westchester, NY this afternoon.

Running Resolution #1: Be Thankful

It's not easy being a year-round road runner in New England. Here is a laundry list of reasons why:
  • It steals away your free time with loved ones.
  • It means running even when you hate the idea of stepping outside.
  • It requires a lot of expensive cold weather running gear.
  • It is dangerous running roads in the dark/snow/sleet.
  • It makes speed work tricky (hard to run hard when running hard on ice).
  • It often necessitate a huge shift in your daily routine.
  • It may require leaving work early/going late to fit in a run before a storm.
  • It could mean planning vacation around a race or long training run.
  • It may mean delaying a huge life event for a marathon. (As I did last spring, inadvertently pushing back our wedding day to run the Big Sur Marathon.)
This list goes on, but so does the running.

I do my best not to forget how lucky I am to be able to run every day. I'm healthy, strong and fully supported by my husband, who often has to eat dinner or breakfast late, take on extra housework or handle errands so I have time to run. I've never felt any pressure to run faster or qualify for Boston, but I want to. I want to show that all of the time dedicated to my running is paying off in more ways than one. I'm healthier for it. I'm stronger for it. And I can try to make myself and the people I love most proud.

What better inspiration for 2010?

Happy New Year!
Rest Day - Marathon training officially starts tomorrow!

Running Resolution #3: Race Once Per Month

This one is pretty simple. Racing helps me gauge my progress, something I can't get from running on my own. No matter how hard I run during training, I'm still not as fast or effortless as I am when racing, so I use it as a way to tune up.

My goal this year is already under way. I'm signed up for a race every month through May, except for March. Still need to fill that gap and work on the rest of the year. I may not run every one of these races all out, especially those closer to the Providence Marathon (need to save my energy for the big one). Here's what's on the agenda so far:

Here's what's on the agenda so far:

January: The Boston Prep 16 Miler

February: Super Sunday 10K and Hyannis Half Marathon

April: 13.1 New York

May: Providence Marathon

Looking forward to every one!




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I've been running for over 20 years, though I've only become more dedicated to the sport recently. I run because I find it relaxing and rewarding - and I selfishly love how I feel after going for a good long run. I'm not as fast as I was in high school, when I was a 6 minute miler, but I'm working on it!

Personal Records:
* 3:51:25 marathon (NYC 2009)
* 1:43:12 half marathon (B.A.A. 2009)
* 30:18 4.2 miler (2005)
* 28:29 4 miler (2009)
* 23:11 5K (2009)

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