Today's Run: Terrible! Subzero temps and 30 mph winds in NY where I spent the New Year. My 12 mile run turned out to be a little less than 9 at 9:00 pace. Ick.

How to Make Running Arm Sleeves or Leg Sleeves for 5 Bucks or Less!
I decided to make these last fall just before the NYC Marathon. Now I wear the same pair of sleeves all the time in races or during cold weather runs. I don't like running without them!

1. Go to your local CVS or drugstore

2. Pick out a pair of knee-high orthopedic socks. May not sound like something you want to buy, but you do. The compression these snug socks create helps blood flow, which aids in quick recovery for your arms and legs. They should only cost about $4.99. (I like the black ones.)

3. Take a nice good pair of scissors to your new purchase. Cut off the feet just above the heel - right where the socks starts to curve from leg to foot.

Voila! You've got a new pair of running arm sleeves or leg sleeves!

I first made these for the NYC Marathon because the start time temperature was going to be colder than I anticipated. I didn't want wear a good tech shirt that I'd have to toss during the race. Figured I ditch these cheap homemade sleeves if I got too warm, but I never had to. They were comfortable, kept my arms from feeling tired and didn't look too shabby at all. Now I wear the sleeves on my legs during all of my cold weather runs. My legs never get cold and they feel great after every run.