Thanks for stopping by! I'm a Boston-based runner, writing to keep my mind as occupied as my body! I run road races from 5K up to full marathon. I love discovering running routes, runner's techniques, energy-boosting recipes and ways to push through a hard workout. If you have a suggestion, please leave a comment  or email me!

I've been running for over 20 years, though I've only become more dedicated to the sport recently. I run because I find it relaxing and rewarding - and I selfishly love how I feel after going for a good long run. I'm not as fast as I was in high school, when I was a 6 minute miler, but I'm working on it!

Personal Records:
* 3:51:25 marathon (NYC 2009)
* 1:43:12 half marathon (B.A.A. 2009)
* 30:18 4.2 miler (2005)
* 28:29 4 miler (2009)
* 23:11 5K (2009)

I'm also studying to become a personal trainer with American College of Sports Medicine, and I'll be a certified running coach this spring. I hope some of the information in my blog inspires adults and kids of all ages to get outside, have a lot of fun and run!

Boston Road Runner


09/28/2015 06:33

That's awesome!!! I really envy you a bit) My husband runs every day approximately 2 km. He says it brings pleasure and good mood.


Great post!! Thanks a lot for this kind of perfect topic. I have not a lots of information about it but I have got an extra unique info in your unique post.!

02/03/2016 16:59

I run road races from 5K up to full marathon.

09/04/2016 09:26

That was great to know about you. It has been very long journey for you I think for 20 years you have been running these marathons and being mother also you never stopped it. That is very great of you this show the interest what you have on this sport. Good to hear that you are becoming certified running coach

04/26/2017 20:29

Wow! Thank you for introducing yourself to us. I really appreciate the fact that you are so open to us with the career you've taken! I am inspired to try running because of you. I've had the thinking that " If you can, I can too!". You've been to different marathons, and survived all of these. You are so powerful. I hope to know you more through your website!


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09/20/2017 22:16

I truly admire people like you. I am a runner myself but I manage to run only in the morning, I have never participate in any marathon or something like that. I can't imagine how you do that, being a wife and a mother. You are incredible.


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