I love waking up to a dark, rainy morning... then turning back over in bed and settling in for another hour or two of sleep. Most days, though, I force myself up to run, no matter the weather. Just need a little motivation. So here are some of the thoughts I turn to.

10 Reasons to Go Running in the Rain

1. You'll wake right up!
Hard to run in zombie mode when being pelted by cold rain.

2. You'll have fewer obstacles.
Sidewalks get pretty crowded with runners, walkers, strollers. Not so much now!

3. You'll stay cool.
Always dress for the temperature, not the weather. Just make sure you have a good base layer and maybe a rain coat. You'll stay nice and refreshed. 

4. You'll feel invigorated.
The anticipation of running in the rain is the biggest hurdle to doing it. Once you're out there, your body will feel alive and ready to run.

5. You'll be preparing for anything.
What if it downpours during your next race? Know what it feels like, just in case.

6. Try out some new gear.
I love running in the rain with a running cap - the kind that looks like a baseball cap. The brim in front shields my eyes nicely. This is also a good time to test out the rain coat/reflective gear/leggings, etc., you may have lying around.

7. Yes, your new sneakers, too.
You should know how to run in any weather with your sneakers. You're going to have to break them in some time!

8. Your friends will think you're hard core - or nuts.
None of my closest friends are runners, so I always love their reaction when I say I just went for a 30-minute/1-hour/2-hour run in the rain.

9. You'll run faster and stronger.
Whether you're trying or not, you'll most likely have a little extra kick in the rain. (See #4) I also find that my form improves immensely, both to compensate for tougher conditions and to maintain good footing. This leads you in to #10. :)

10. You'll feel like a rock star!

Yeah, sure, maybe no one else notices you running by, but you'll feel like you own the roads when you're running in the rain. It's also fun to picture yourself finishing your next big race, since you'll be running so strong!


Wow, these reasons are really forcing me to run in rain so i am waiting for rain. Because i will run in rain and i am sure that i will enjoy that feeling like a rock stars by this act.


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