I don't have the results back yet, or the photo my husband took of me freezing at the starting line in my capris and too-thin running jacket, but I felt good running today's Holiday 5K Against Cancer.

I could not feel my legs on the windy, icy cold Boston Esplanade, so I went out fast and didn't acknowledge blood flow until I heard the brave volunteer at Mile 1 yell out "7:03!" That's great for me, though I knew I'd lose it. Didn't help that we were warned about an iced over turn between Mile 2 and 3.

The ice wasn't the toughest part though... What was harder was running against the Back Bay runners. These are some highly determined people who will run wherever they want to run, no matter who's coming at them. I almost had a head on collision with a woman who insisted on running the same ice-free patch of concrete -- right at me. The big difference, of course, was that she was not running a race! She could have eased off for a sec to let me pass, but no. Rather than have a throw down during this holiday season -- a time of joy, peace and happiness -- I risked the slippery step and dodged around her. Guess it comes with the territory. :)

All in all it was a great little race with some brave volunteers. Thanks to Race Menu for organizing the event and to everyone who came out to help. I can't believe how supportive everyone was on such a cold day! You guys and gals rock. THANK YOU! I'll be back next year.


04/14/2016 11:24

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