The days are short, the work hours long and the holidays are fast approaching. All the more reason to finish 2009 running strong.

About this time last year I was ramping up my mileage for my first marathon: Big Sur. I'd only run short road races and half marathons prior to my decision, and frankly I was bored with running. It was time to go all in and achieve a lifelong goal.

Run. A. Marathon.

Why Big Sur? The website sold me. On the top of the BSIM homepage, you'll see the quote:  "If we were told that we could run only one marathon in our lifetime, Big Sur would have to be it." - Bart Yasso, Runner's World

I took Bart's word for it. Just in case I decided not to run another.

Fast forward a long winter, dozens of days running in rain, sleet or tripping over frozen snow, and a lot of anticipation. Not only did I finish Big Sur, but I finished it strong, and I had one of the best experiences of my life.

Now the year is ending and I can proudly say I've completed not just one, but two marathons, three half marathons and several road races. I can't wait to destroy my times next year and keep thriving off my newfound running inspiration.

Everyone needs a little push. After 20 years of running, I finally found the push I needed to pursue my full running potential -- and more. I'm also studying to become a personal trainer and a running coach. I love the new path I'm on and I can't wait to see what's in store for me in 2010.

Until then, I've got two road races left and a 16 miler to train for in January. I hope you, too, find your inspiration and finish the year running strong!


05/21/2016 06:32

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