The temperatures have dropped drastically over the past two days and snow is on the way. My friends assume I'm switching to the treadmill. But I hate the treadmill: I find myself either running into the handlebar, forcing myself to keep an unnatural stride or just bored out of my mind. I'd rather run around a track 20 times than run even a half hour on the treadmill. So I have to start getting creative with my cold weather running. That means gearing up in some unusual outfits to stay warm.

I've read in multiple running articles that you should dress for 20 degrees warmer when running in the cold. For example, if it's 20 degrees outside, dress for 40 degrees. I've lived by that rule of thumb the past few years and it's worked pretty well. But, even with that, I really bundle up when it gets down into negative or single digits like today (13 degrees with windchill that makes it feel like 4 degrees). My biggest concern is skin exposure, so I layer well. It's easy to peel off a fleece or a jacket if needed.

My Cold Weather Running Outfit

* Thermal running pants (sometimes tights and thermal running pants)
* Thermal long sleeve top (love ones with thumb hooks to keep my wrists warm)
* Zip-up fleece or running jacket over that turtleneck
* Water resistant windbreakers (to go over clothes in wind, rain, snow...)
* Running balaclava or buff (a must-have to easily cover/uncover your face!)
* Running gloves, of course
* Thermal running cap or headband (depending on how cold)
* Reflective vest (at night and often during the day)
* Smartwool running socks (love these!)
* Nike Vomeros (more stable than my Nike Frees)
* Fuel Belt (if long run)
* Chapstick and sunscreen! (not really part of outfit, but necessities)

When all is said and done, I barely recognize myself. My husband gets a kick out of it though, maybe because getting ready is like a circus act. Clip this... cover up... twist and jump with one leg into that. Guess you could just think of the dressing for cold weather running as a warm up.


08/15/2015 13:20

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07/02/2017 20:36

Thank you for these reminders. Don't worry, I'll take each and everything you posted here. Cold weather is kind of struggle for some, but not for me. As odd as it may sound, it's my favorite season. I prefer cold season than other seasons out there. Though sometimes it is truly unbearable, my affection to cold season is just a thing for me.


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