I've never been a member of a running club. I'm used to running alone, and I've preferred it because I put too much pressure on myself when I train with other people.

For instance, I used to run with some folks who liked to push me by staying two steps ahead of me at all times, no matter what the pace. The strategy worked in a sense, but I'd eventually get frustrated and force them to go on ahead. I felt like I was failing because I could not run beside them.

I'm able to keep that faster pace now, which may have given me the confidence I need to run with a group, but I'm also looking to expand my training. I love running and the sense of fulfillment I feel pushing myself. I'd just like to see what more I could do if I found the right running club for support. I think it would also add an element of fun that I'm missing. I don't want to take myself too seriously!

I'm checking out some clubs this month and I'm already leaning toward a couple based on location, workouts and their runners' abilities - want to make sure I'm a good fit! I'll update when I know which one I'm going to join.

I'll also post a list of Boston running clubs, in case you're looking for one, too!


08/10/2016 05:46

You can join running club if you like to run and you are totally fit. Because fitness and passion are the most important things for running and these qualities can help you to win medal easily but hard practice is also very important.


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