Today's Run: 8 miles at 15K-half marathon race pace. Mid 3-4 miles were closer to 10K race pace. Glad I got in the run early... It just got colder!

Running Resolution #2: Drink More Water and Stay Hydrated

This may seem like a no-brainer but it's tough for me. I'm missing the thirsty button or something. I have to remind myself to drink throughout the day or I'll just forget. I do know how important it is to hydrate, especially when marathon training, so I can't keep letting this one slip!

A few hydration tips I've learned and should heed year round:

1. It's just as important to hydrate during cold weather runs as warm weather runs. You still sweat.

2. You should replace the amount of fluids you perspire throughout a long run. Wear a FuelBelt or carry a water bottle to sip on.

3. Hydrate well in the weeks leading up to a marathon, not just the two days prior.

4. One to two hours before a long run, drink a good size glass of water or energy drink - about 16 ounces. Be careful not to drink a lot right before your run, or risk serious cramps.

5. Hydrate with the same type of fluids (sports drinks, water, GU gels, etc.) that will be distributed during your marathon. Get your body used it, or risk a serious stomach ache.

Feel free to share your own hydration tips.


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02/16/2017 06:59

Water willl always be an important factor in running! It's true that the amount you perspire should be replaced by your water intake afterwards. Your tips about wearing a fuelbelt would be really helpful. We don't know when we are going to feel thristy, that's why it would be nice to have a water by your side. To all runners out there, you should read this one!

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