Yesterday's Run: 7 miles around hills of Brookline and Chestnut Hill ~8:30 pace

Five days left in 2009. I've been very lucky to have had an amazing and wonderful year. It will be nearly impossible to top, but I look forward to seeing what 2010 brings. In preparation for the New Year I'm counting down some running goals and resolutions of mine, starting with #5.

Running Resolution #5: Run more miles (1,500+)

About this time last year, my then fiance and I placed a bet with two other friends. $10 to anyone who fulfilled their New Year's resolution. Of course we weren't after the $10... just the bragging rights and an excuse to make our little competition an annual event.

Each of our four resolutions for 2009:

* Complete two marathons (after never running one)
* Run at least 400 miles (up from 250)
* Attend at least one Bikram yoga class per week (big commitment for a traveler)
* Eat the equivalent of 100 loaves of bread (ok, so this is the antiresolution)

Soon we'll be celebrating the completion of every resolution! I ran my first two marathons; our friend is finishing up her 400 miles this week; another friend made it to 75 yoga classes, and my now husband ate just about that much bread - fuel for his almost daily basketball games. Now I'm left wondering what my resolution should be for 2010.

To help me decide, I'm going through some goals I'd hope to achieve in any case, starting with mileage. I'd like to run at least 1,500 miles in 2010.

I ran probably about 1,200 miles in 2009. Lost track because I didn't log every run, but I was running around 25 miles most weeks - a few in the 30s, some recovery weeks in the teens and two weeks off for our honeymoon. Over the past several months I've upped my routine to four or five days of running per week and I've made most runs longer. Soon I'll be running about 35 miles per week regularly, rather than sporadically, and peaking out in the 40s for my marathon training.

So I should technically be able to run 1,500 miles in 2010. Doing it of course is another matter.

Have any running goals or resolutions for 2010?


12/26/2009 13:11

1500 miles was actually one of my first thoughts for 2010...I'll lost track of my mileage for a little while there, but I think I was close this other running goal, as it was this year, is to qualify for Boston, which means a 3:20 marathon.

12/26/2009 18:11

Qualifying for Boston is one of mine, too. It's probably my #1 goal actually. What's your marathon time now? 3:20 sounds daunting, but you can do it.

06/30/2016 03:17

New Year celebration event is very important for everyone. Every person is nothing missing in every year and these moments are celebrate with families, friends and relatives.

05/24/2017 01:35

I am so glad to know that you have so many resolutions you wanted to do this year. Though I'm not into physical activities that much, to attend at least one Bikram yoga class per week is also one of my goals this year. I've realized that it's the perfect time for me to be fit and live a healthy lifestyle once again. Thank you for being such a huge inspiration to everyone!


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