Only ended up having time for a 5 mile run, but I got to enjoy the scenery in Newport, RI. I ran passed the beautiful mansions on Bellevue Ave and then along Cliff Walk, a great trail for running, hiking and rock climbing. It's bitter cold and windy by the water this time of year. So bundle up if you're running down there.


06/28/2015 23:41

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07/01/2017 02:34

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I've never been to Newport R.I to do cliff walk because it's too far from where I live. But If I will be given the chance to do some physical activities there, I would grab the chance and take a lot of photos! The photos you posted don't really represent the beauty of the place, but I'm glad that you still posted some of your shots. I wish nothing but the best for your future endeavors!

09/15/2017 06:47

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