Today's Run: ~ 7 miles from work to home with 3 x 1 mile loops at marathon pace
Notes: Running fairly easy this week. Start 18-week marathon training 12/27.

It's just a few short days till Christmas and a nice long weekend. I have a lot to do before then, including work to finish (and start) at the office, a few dozen cookies to bake, laundry and cleaning up around the house, miscellaneous errands, etc. etc. I refuse to drop my mileage or miss a day of running this week, so I'm squeezing in workouts whenever possibly, even if it means leaving my coat and laptop at work to run home in the dark, freezing cold.

Can't wait to hit those icy sidewalks! Hope I can see where I'm going...


12/23/2009 18:25

Way to go! It's never easy to keep up the mileage around this time. Don't let up!


How do you manage to make yourself run on the holidays? For me it is impossible. As my friends consider me to be a coach potato, I should say I as a writer am not fond of running.

06/09/2017 01:30

There's a saying that there's no excuse to a person full of dedication. Well, it's okay to rest once in a while. But if you really stick with your goal and holidays are not part of goal, then go! I will support you all the way because I know it's for your own good. Running may be really tiring but if you find joy there and it makes you happy, then there's no reason for me to go against your decision!


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