Boston is blanketed with the first big snowfall of the winter. No driving, difficult walking and the perfect day to rest on the couch! One more week until I start my "official" 18-week marathon training plan. The next big snow day may not be quite so relaxing...


08/21/2015 12:19

Snow is very fascinating natural miracle for the leisure and pleasure of individuals. The snow day is always welcomed with great zeal and enthusiasm and motivation for the freshness of mind and soul. It is source for water.

05/02/2017 01:36

This is an annual phenomena in Boston, they get to experience a whole day full of snow and it seems like no one is allowed to go out. There may be few people who are happy with this, but most of the people suffer. They have a workload that has to be done, but they simply can't because of the snow storm. Well, good thing I don't live Boston. That's a blessing in disguise I guess.


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