I just signed up for yet another running site and I'm beginning to lose track of myself. I can't seem to find just one online community with everything I want, so I end up signing up for everything and get a little bit from each. The problem then is that I'm updating several sites at once. There are just so many hours in the day.

For instance...

Active.com: Love the easy-to-use calendar and tips, but I haven't attached myself much to the rest of the site.

Athlinks: I'd love this site for everything. If I could just add my training and my top 9 rivals. It never wants to work.

CoolRunnning: Go-to site for results and upcoming events. I haven't used it for much else.

MapMyRun: Tons of great tools, but it can be a little overwhelming and kloogy at times. Takes me a while to map a long run accurately.

Not to mention lots of smaller running community sites like Dailymile and Tribal Running, running magazine websites like RunnersWorld.com, LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, etc. etc.

I'm just looking for one site that has the following things for FREE:

1. Calendar for my training
2. Detailed reports on my training
3. Mapping tools
3. Upcoming running events
4. Comprehensive race results
5. Way to add friends/rivals
6. Way to set/reach goals
7. Discussion forums and/or tips

Am I missing it? Any favorite running community sites out there?

P.S. Today's Workout: Cut short - 2.4 mile run 9:00 pace - plus Bosu time indoors
Notes: Need to do laundry more often to keep my warmest clothes on hand for single digit temperature days like today. My cool weather clothes will not cut it. I should reread my own blog entry!


12/21/2009 10:24

I know exactly what you're talking about. At this point, after every workout or run I feel obligated to log it on 4 different sites - for the same reasons you cited...no one site seems to offer everything I want. I also feel obligated to not "ditch" the friends/motivators I've accumulated on any site.
I do think I can recommend a site that offers a lot of what you specified. Have you ever looked at Strands.com? It has great mapping (you can even upload your runs from a Garmin if you have one), as well as shoe tracking, friends/opponents, goal setting, etc...
Check it out. That's one of the 4 sites I'm on (http://www.strands.com/ChrisOBX).
Hope this helps :)

12/27/2009 08:38

Hi Chris! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I almost feel guilty logging my training on one site and not another... I haven't even heard of Strands.com. I'll definitely check that one out. Thanks for the recommendation!

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