Today's Run: ~6 miles this morning with a pause in the middle to run up 6 flights of stairs and check on a friend's cats. More than happy to run over there every day!

My featured quote is personally fitting this week: "A run begins the moment you forget you are running." - Adidas.

Have to admit, I'm not a fan of Adidas. Never wear their sneakers (haven't tried) and I find their running clothes just ok. But as far as slogans go, they're not bad. I couldn't agree more with that one, especially now.

I'm one of those people who rarely warms up to a run with a jog or walk. I may start at a slower pace, but it's still a run. However, now that the temperatures have reached single digits, my body is rejecting my warmer weather ways.

When I start my long runs, everything is stiff. I feel my feet hitting the ground loudly, too loud, and no bone in my body wants to move. I have to force myself to move my arms away from their clamped position at my sides, and my legs to stretch farther ahead than my head can slightly lean. I don't even begin to feel blood flow until about three miles in...

Then that blood flow hits. That's when everything feels great. My hands finally start to sweat a little. My legs stride, my arms swing and my steps lighten. I enjoy myself! I'm able to run two or three times longer than I originally anticipated. And I start to really look forward to my 16 miler in New Hampshire next month. (Talk about cold!)

That's when I know I've started my run.

While I don't anticipate I'll keep up the warm ups forever, no sense fighting it now. May as well settle in and listen to what my legs are telling me. They're usually right.



12/25/2009 11:19

I find that my legs very often know more than my brain when I'm out running...

12/26/2009 05:12

Ha, very true!


Mostly people set the daily routine and going to walk daily. When starts the any game first of all do the warm up your body and then start the game. Otherwise every player fails in your game and feeling stress.

06/01/2017 03:46

Adidas was so successful for coming up with this powerful quote. We cannot deny the fact that running is draining and physically tiring, but once you felt the moment and forgot that you are running, that's where the real thing begins. Warming your body up plays a vital role in this matter! That's why before the actual run, everyone should warm up first!


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