My "sister" Kim (plus one) are on board to run 175 miles from Woodstock to NYC with me! Nine more people to recruit and two vans to book for the Ragnar Relay this May. Woohoo!

I've wanted to try a relay since I learned how much my mom loved Hood to Coast a few years ago. But whenever I mention it to my Boston friends they think I'm nuts. My friends from NY, where I grew up, are another story. Kim is a Manhattanite who seems just as excited to run this relay as I am.

I would register for it right now but we another equally big challenge to figure out. Our team name. Any suggestions?


08/17/2016 04:50

That relay run for 175 miles is great adventures step you are taking by keeping your life at risk. Running that much distance is not an easy task if take breaks also. You must be mentally strong and brave in doing that with your sister. At least one person has supported your thoughts and believed in you and joined you for this great trip.


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