The Olympics are coming! The Olympics are coming!

I love the Olympics. I'm partial to the individual sports - no surprise - but I will watch any event NBC plans to pipe to my living room. From ice hockey to skeleton (whatever that is), it's all good. But why not add running? It is a winter sport for some of us, even if we're not always thought sane for running in sub-zero temperatures. Most people consider Usain Bolt unnatural and he's not even out there in the cold!

It's about time we change up these old school Olympic events and add some variety for those not as coordinated on skates, skis or boards. Here's my proposal:

Dear Winter Olympics Committee,

I understand I may be too late sending this submission for Vancouver, so please add the following events to the agenda for the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.

  • Short Track Yak Trax Ice Sprinting
  • Cross Country Snow Shoeing
  • Alpine Downhill Run Tumbling
  • Sleet Speed Slope Climbing
  • Freestyle Snow Striding
  • Run, Slip and Slide Ice Luging
  • Pairs Figure Pacing (must run in figure eights or unique formation)
  • Fetal Position Curling (closing ceremony)
Thank you for your time. I look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks!

Yours truly,
Long time follower and Paul Wiley fan (he should have won gold),


09/28/2015 06:51

I adore Olympics!!!! I am always writing essays on this topic. Once I interviewed the Olympic team from the UK. That was a success!

04/07/2017 11:03

Олимпиада это здорово. Я сам занимаюсь спортом. Я боксер и путешественник.

06/30/2017 01:22

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The winter is one of the most beautiful weather but most people did not like this weather due to cold and snow. The winter Olympic is the good event in which lots of people desire to participate this event. Your suggestions are so great.


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