Today's Run: Relaxed 9.6 miles at ~ 9:00 pace. One of my longest runs ever on a work day! Hard to get up out of the nice, cozy bed on a cold, dark winter morning.

Is it too early to start planing my summer vacation?

We are! And we're heading west. Look out Griswolds, the Lewises are hitting the road. Well, not entirely. We're flying part of the way and driving the rest, but it's the closest thing to a cross country adventure we've taken.

This July we'll be off on a western adventure through Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon. Yellowstone National Park, Stanley white water and Rockies baseball are all on the agenda! I'm already getting excited and it's still six months off.

My husband and I have been very lucky to travel quite a bit. We've seen Vienna, Paris, Munich, Florence, Siena, Rome, Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Lhasa, Shanghai and many other cities - just counting the trips we've taken together. This year we're staying closer to home to explore some of our own country for a change.

I'm also not-so-secretly hoping to get in a rave run or two along some mountain range or around one of the parks. Running Big Sur last year left me wanting more. If you've ever spent any time running out west, your suggestions are greatly appreciated.


02/21/2010 17:59

This sounds like my 2-week midwest RV vacation last summer in the middle of marathon training. My advice... while in Yellowstone, don't ask the Park Rangers about running. They will scare you into not running because of the bears. I still have yet to see a brown bear! Have fun, and don't expect to run much. :)


I am also not-so-secretly hoping to enter a great run or maybe more along a few mountain variety or around among the parks. Operating Big Austral last year made me wanting much more. If you've actually spent any time operating out to the west, your recommendations are significantly appreciated.

05/31/2017 05:43

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