I've been running a lot, logging more miles than ever before. I've tried to increase my mileage carefully, adding no more than 10-15% each week. I've read books on proper training. I follow a close running schedule. I ease off my pace when I feel fatigued.

And I've completely overdone it.

Last week I set two personal records. I ran 43 miles in 7 days, and 59 miles in 8 days, taking into account the Boston Prep 16 Miler. I was so excited by these milestones and my performance at Boston Prep that I failed to rest. I skipped one of my scheduled rest days. I turned my recovery runs into aerobic runs. And I pushed myself to go just a bit harder in every workout than I should have.

Not smart. A mild ache that introduced itself to my right knee about two weeks ago is now a big fat glaring case of tendonitis.

Everything you'll ever read about marathon training says that rest is key to your success. I increased my mileage significantly and failed to rest during that time. One more hard run this morning followed by 10 hours sitting at my desk did me in. I walked to the train after work with a serious limp - not a slight limp - a serious it-hurts-to-step-off-the-curb kind of limp. Now I'm on the couch with my leg elevated in the only position that doesn't cause discomfort.

I did some research on how to handle knee tendonitis and found a good resource on iTendonitis.com.  It says I should follow the RICE method of recovery:

Excepted from iTendonitis.com:


The first step is to rest the knee. If you feel the pain during sport, you should stop and rest immediately.

Ice is one of the best methods of reducing pain, inflammation and swelling. Ice also helps to promote blood flow to the area. You should apply ice to the knee straight away and then at intervals. Do not keep the ice on for longer that 20 minutes at a time and do not put the ice directly on the knee (wrap it in a towel).


Lightly compress the knee area when applying ice.


Elevate the leg.
I prefer my rice brown and in a burrito, but I guess this will have to do.

Super Sunday 10k is this weekend. I'm hoping to be at least somewhat rested and recovered by then. I'm way too stubborn to skip a run let alone a race.


02/04/2010 07:00

I hate that kind of rice. It never, EVER goes down easy...always leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Hope you are fully recovered by Sunday! I'll see you on the course or afterward with a bowl of chowder and a beer!

02/05/2010 09:26

You said it! I'm so ready to run on Sunday after two days off this week... Can't wait. See you at the finish line, luau! You're going to do great!!


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