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I've been away for a few weeks because life has been a little crazy.

* I PRed at the 13.1 half marathon in Flushing, NY. 1:40:12! 11th in my division!

* I held a mini fundraising event and raised about $300 for Home Base Program. Woot.

* I'm about to spend my weekend becoming a certified running coach with RRCA.

* I got a new job! Not only is it a new job, but it's pretty close to a dream job for me.

Now I'm just moments away from leaving my old company... and it's not easy.

When you prepare for a marathon, every training book or website you ever read will tell you not to rock the boat Don't change jobs, avoid relationship problems, keep things within your usual routine... Y'know, don't rock the boat.

Well, I rocked it. Now I guess time will tell if I sink or swim in Providence.

I'm ready. Bring on the 26.2. And bring on the inspiration this Monday in Boston!

To all my Boston Marathon running friends -- GOOD LUCK!!!

I'll be cheering from the sidelines at Mile 24.5!



06/26/2016 15:26

Sounds like a hectic life you lead.

07/20/2016 03:01

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