Quick look at my background:
* Born in Danbury, CT
* Raised in Marlboro, NY
* College in Kingston, RI (Go Rhody!)
* Live in Boston, MA

I also have a husband who's a Mets fan, a mom who's a Red Sox fan and a dad who's a Yankee fan. Let's just say, my dad and I are not that close.

But I digress.

I lived in Rhode Island for four years in college. My mom actually moved from NY to Jamestown, RI while I went to school, so I never really left the state much after my second semester. That said, I didn't do any serious running then, which is crazy because there are so many beautiful places to run. I never ran a road race. Never ran any regular routes.  I spent more time in the gym than outdoors. That's the exact opposite of what I do now.

Surrounded by beaches, cliffs, rocky shorelines, trails and waterways... I must have been nuts not to run outside.

Well I'll be making up for some lost time this Sunday. I'll get to run along a harbor in a city where I spent my college years -- in front of many of my closest friends. That's another first. My husband has been at the finish line of my two marathons so far, but no one else has ever seen me run one. I can't wait to see my friends along the route. I can't imagine anything that would kick my butt more into gear.

I'm so excited for Sunday. Rhody here I come -- again!
Providence Marathon Course Map


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