Just finished running one of my favorite routes. It goes down Beacon Street, along the Boston Marathon course, passed the reservoir, into Boston College campus, then back.

I like this run because it's not all stuck in traffic. There are quite a few peaceful spots for thought and reflection, especially on a quieter Sunday night like tonight.

As I ran down Beacon Street at an easy pace, I thought about all of my long distance training over the past two years and running my first marathon. It's hard to believe it was just one year ago tomorrow that I ran my first 26.2 in Big Sur. I remembered how I felt in that first race and how well I finished it... which I'll save for tomorrow's blog post.

Today I was just trying to prepare myself for the challenge to come in just a few short days. I kept repeating, 'Get ready, body. Get ready.' My mind is ready. I can only hope the rest of me can handle the challenge.

As I passed the reservoir, I thought about the countless miles I've covered, all the blisters I've suffered through, all the hip and knee pains, all the dehydration and exhaustion, and, most importantly, all the time I've spent away from my husband because I run.

Then I ran into Boston College campus. There I began to think about all the wonderful mornings out on the road alone, the first signs of spring when I heard the birds singing again, the cool breezes on my face, those days that I felt like I could run forever, and the days when I felt like I could fly.

As I started heading back home, I thought it's probably a good thing that I run so much. My husband would have a much crankier wife on his hands if I didn't run! As I ran back toward him, toward our home, I started feeling excited. The big day is coming and I'm on the last two miles of my last longer run.

I am so close to Providence.

So close to providence.

Fitting that this is the race when I go for a Boston qualifier. I can only hope this really is my providence.

Get ready, body. Get ready.


10/01/2015 07:09

Your are really cool. I tried running for several times and if my mind felt peace and thoughts were flowing like a water my body was in panic and suffer. I can't prepare my body right for running. Especially my lungs can't hold on long run.

08/17/2017 00:36

Certainly man has to bears pains when he is preparing for some high purpose or race . The race of marathon is like our lives in which we have to endure pains and keep on running on our track.


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