We're here! I'm writing to you now from the Renaissance Hotel's 24-hour business center. It's quite nice, though these computers are way outdated... But anyway.

We had a great dinner at Andino's in Federal Hill. Now we're off to watch Fire Water. Then to bed early.

I'm excited and nervous about tomorrow. My biggest "dilemma" now is just deciding if I want to wear my headphones or not. I've never worn them for a marathon, and thought I never would, but after a few great training runs and shorter races with them... I'm wondering. I'll probably make a last minute decision about that in the morning.

I just wanted to wish my fellow Providence marathon and half marathon runners great luck in tomorrow's race! Hope we're all celebrating PRs over a beer when it's all over.

See you on the pavement at 8:00 am.


08/11/2015 04:24

Are runners allowed to wear headphones while running races? I love listening music while I run.


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I read your views during the taking exercise that how to maintain and focus on it but if really we use headphone during the walk then we can easily change our mind and will be running more then without using it. Thank you for share this wonderful tip with us.


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