Last week I ran my first real PW - personal worst race ever. It wasn't a "worst" by a few seconds or even a few minutes. I ran a half marathon a full 16+ minutes slower than my best half marathon just two months ago. Of course, I'm not buying the photos from my PW event, but I had to laugh at my finish line pictures.

Check out the finish line photo at my best event - 13.1 NYC on April 3 (1:40:12) - and the finish line photo at my worst event - Johnny Kelley Half Marathon in Hyannis on May 30 (1:57:48).

Can you guess which is which? :)


06/09/2010 09:38

wow! that's crazy. Any chance you're running Boston 13.1?

06/13/2010 07:36

Hey luau! Nah, I'm passing on that one... I need a little break from worrying about my time, and it's also my one year wedding anniversary. :) Are you running it? I loved the NYC 13.1. I'd imagine Boston would be a lot of fun, though I'm not sure what the course is like.


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04/20/2016 01:30

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12/08/2016 00:14

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06/25/2017 19:18



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